User Research,
Service Design,
Branding Workshop
Beauty Farm,
Frog Design
Shanghai Studio
Spring 2018
Xurfaceis a brand-new beauty salon designed to meet the growing demand of efficient, transparent and customized skincare service among new age of Chinese consumers.
Project Goals
- Create the skincare experience combines the two sides of online and onsite services for the new generations of consumers

- Create a skincare IP that has propagation effect among consumers
My Roles
During my internship as a service designer, my roles including:

• User Research: onsite interviews, skincare expert interviews and in-person experiences in current beauty salons in Shanghai and Beijing.

• Brand Research: holding brand workshop with clients to come up with the brand's image; comparing our new service with traditional skincare, hospital, and applications that help users improve and check their skin health status to get a brand positioning.

• Service Blueprint: building up service blueprint.

This is a confidential project.
If you would like to know more about what I have done and learn at Frog, let's chat!