Music Generation Development,
Sound Design
Processing, Ableton
April - May, 2019
Xiaotong Ma
(Visual Programming)
The Paletteis a sound generation and visualization based on different languages’ melody. Users can speak to the palette, listen and watch their music responding with others.
How does it sound like if we turn different languages into melodies? Can we create a space that allows people to speak and hear different languages together?

#Pitch Detection Test

The test was initially using the javascript library ml5 and then switched to Minim of Processing. We tested to turn it into music and invite more users to try.
# Music Generation

We converted the pitch value to Ableton by using midibus, recording different people’s voices in three tracks and produced sounds together.
# Sound Decisions

We created two versions of final designs, one is a projection for users to interact with and get live feedback and the other one is for live performance with pre-recorded sound.

Live Version:
Performance Version: