User Research,
User Experience Design,
Interface Design
Mobile Web, PC Web, iPad
June - November, 2019
Worklinkis an enterprise work management system with over 50,000 users across three platforms. I led the research and design for new user interface of Worklink Client, and designed new features for field personnel ipad app and administrators web app.
Problem Space
NYUWorkLink is a software system(over 50,000 users) that will allow members of the NYU community to submit work requests for which work is performed by Operations workgroups such as HVAC, Plumbing, Facilities, and Public Safety.

Three faces of the NYUWorkLink:
-WorkLink Client: a web app for clients to submit and track work requests;
-WorkLink Admin: a web app for administrators to track work requests, approvals, invoicing, and other tasks;
-WorkLink Shop: an iPad app for field personnel to assign and complete work orders.

The system is currently in the design phase and will be rolled out with both web and mobile interfaces.
How can we redesign the WorkLink Client section to make the user flow more reasonable, the interface more concise and beautiful, and make the design conform to the latest material design standards?
Main Deliveries During the Internship
Delivery I - Redesign of the Client Web App
We analyzed the old version of worklink client and made a function structure of the product. We also did kick-off meeting with developers to discuss the MVP developing features and technical possibilities.
To test the old version, we did the first round of user testing among our target users: faculty and students at New York University. We made two tasks for different groups of users, inviting them to submit a work request in the category of HVAC via the system and check out the request afterwards.
After the test, I made the journey map below to sum up our insights. It divides the user flow of creating and tracking work request into five stages and shows users’ behavior, thinking, and design opportunities.
Main Update 01 Start Request and Interface Refresh
- It takes users a long time to find the start button when first time they create a work request
- Previous design is not consistent in line height, colors and other details

- Redesign the interface with new components and layouts
- Redesign the create button
Main Update 02 Select Work Type
- International students sometimes find it hard to understand the category name and select the right service

- Better naming and category design via card sorting exercise. We wrote out the work request names on cards and gave the cards to users to group and name the group by themselves.
- Auto fill in and recommendation function. We discussed the technical possibility with developing team and design the function to predict which category the work request belongs to.
- Stress visual aiding. We redesigned the icon display of the different categories to help users better understand them.
Main Update 03 Review Work Request
- Users do not want to spend time on clicking and uploading documents
- Users want to complete the follow-up questions faster

- Turning the follow-up questions into one page
- Framing the additional information
Delivery II - Designing New Features for Field Personnel iPad App
Shop Manage Actions
Shop managers have a series of actions available for daily management. The big action buttons on the home page and pop up windows are designed for quick management.
Working Offline and SYNC
Notification banners are designed to indicate the offline working status. When users get back online, the banners will inform them to sync the modified work items.
Delivery III - Designing New Features for Administrators Web App
Auto Reply
Administrators can set up auto reply templates and time for preventative maintenance. Banners will show up to indicate the current auto-reply status.