Arduino, Javascript(Tracking.js), Wool Felt
April - May, 2019
Lumi Algaeis an interactive light that turns the live movement of algae cells under microscope into the movement of light. It is an exploration on the possibility of light and education.
I am using Micrasterias as my main sources of cell detection. I tried it under two kinds of microscopes – the big traditional version from ITP and a webcam-based microscope. The big microscope is more stable with a smaller magnification while the second one we can see the cells clearly.

Tracking.js to track the green color as the third picture shows.

tracking.ColorTracker.registerColor('green', function(r, g, b) {
if (2*g > (r+b+10) && g<150) {
return true;
I tried different materials include acrylic, wood, and clay for the diffusers. And I used wool felt as the final version.
On show
The project was shown in ITP 2019 Spring Show.