Graphic Design,
Social Media Campaign
Indesign, Photoshop
November 2014 - September, 2016
Huaxi City Daily
Ergeng Video
Humans of SCUis a we-media to collect stories of the isolated people in Chengdu, and to offer a platform for them to share their emotions with the ones they may never hear before.
From December 2014 to September 2016, we recorded over 1,000 people's stories. In memory of this, we decided to make a book, where people can read two hundred selected stories in every corner of the miniature society.
Design of the book
The book is organized based on the location of storytellers. A cartoon map is designed to show where these storytellers come from and divides them into different plots. Readers may find diverse stories from two young lovers or from a retired teacher. They can also scan the QR code to watch extra story of the storyteller.
social Impact
In two years, we have interviewed more than one thousand people, attracting over 27 thousand fans to read stories and share their emotions with strangers. In January 2017, the crowdfunding of our books was successfully held. 400 books were distributed to our supporters. Our story was reported by Huaxi City Daily 华西都市报 and Ergeng 二更视频.

The project shows sharing emotions and stories did strengthen human sense of happiness or vent their frustration. It is also likely to provide scenarios of different lives and needs.

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