Posenet, Node.js, Dmx Light
April 2019
Yunze Shi
Dancing lightis an interactive experience that enable users to control the dmx light with their body movement as well as using the music.
We use posenet to detect the position of users’ two hands. We map that data to the control number of dmx light, building a server using node.js and deliver the message to dmx light using a mk2 converter.

The current mapping of users’ behaviors and lighting feedbacks:
*Position of the left hand – position of the light
*If two hands are near each other – light becomes colorful and fading
*Music beats – light blinking rhythm

The lighting, however, was influencing the accuracy of posenet. So we are switching to Kinect on windows system and try to detect the interactions. But when we plugged in the DMX in windows, it failed to find its USB port address right now.