User Research,
Physical Computing
Arduino, MaxMSP, Ableton
December, 2018
NYCxDESIGN Exhibitions, Time Square
Yunze Shi,
Chenyu Sun
Conducting the Paintings is designed to offer a new approach of appreciating paintings. A painting is made up of different elements, which combine together to shape a unique personality. By using synesthesia, we want the user to have a new integrated experience of conducting drawings.
Prototyping and Testing

‍We prototyped with cardboard for the first version of user test. We let tester tried our prototype and noted down their confusion in different stages of user flow. Here are the key changes after we’ve done our user test and all the changes are shown in the user flow.
Design the Circuit
Based on the user test, we made the functional analyze as below and planned use Arduino, Max and Ableton to obtain our function.

Code Link
Design the Content
We chose two paintings that both take landscape as the theme and made them at the same size. The Chinese painting is framed in white roll while the western one is framed in black cardboard. Chenyu prepared the music for the two paintings, each of that is separated into three tracks for the user to ignite.

We also designed the interface of music score as an instruction for users to read. We made it like a traditional old music score with description and icons so that users can understand the logic as well as get good experience.
Final Improvement and Show
This project was selected to participate the 2018 ITP Winter Show and NYCxDESIGN Exhibitions in Time Square. Before the shows, we took our project to a final user test in order to make it more durable when it is played by different users. In two weeks, we welcomed hundreds of guests exploring our project.