Lumi Algae | Arduino, Tracking.js
Lighting simulation of algae cells movement.
The Palette | Processing, Projection
How does it sound if we turn different language into music?
Behind the Tomb | Arduino, CNC
Can we design the back of a tomb?
Dancing Light | DMX, Posenet
Controlling the dmx light with body movements.
Resonance |, unity, javascript
Making public sound with your cellphone.
Humans of SCU | Social Campaign, Book
Interview collections of 1,000 ordinary people.
Chengdu Time ATM | Branding
Branding plan for the city Chengdu.
Photography Collection
Collection of portraits and street photos.
The Story of No.4 | Stop Motion
Multi-media experience about a ramp who can't afford expensive organ.
Transparent Snickers | Branding
Transparent snickers campaign aiming at Chinese students.
Beat This Game Before Getting Out | Game, Character Drawing
24 Hours anti Covid-19 hackathon challenge.