Hello! I am Nianqi Zhang.
I research and create experience and stories with hybrid design methods and programming.

I've previously interned as UX Designer at New York University and Frog Design. I also do art work on 3D and game engine. For those ideas I can’t design right now, I write them into science fictions.

3D Design & Programming ——

Unity, VR

Tofu, A VR Interactive Experience

Tofu is a VR interactive installation that presents the consumption experience of convenience stores and street food in the city in a surreal way. It reflects consumers’ different relationships with food and the disappearing local marketplace culture behind this confrontation.

Unity, Game Design, Socket.io

Forward, IAC Big Screen Show

Forward is a collective music rhythm game shown on New York IAC’s big screens. Over 100 players follow the instructions to make music together, creating an immersive way of storytelling and performance.

Rendering, Animation, Modeling

100 Days of Blender

Daily rendering of Blender modeling, animations and art toys.

Unreal Engine

Live in Emerald

Live in Emeraldshows how an ancient knight lives, fights and feels pain in her pure world. Her life is full of freedom as well as lost. It is much the same as ours.

UI / UX ——


NYU Worklink

Worklink is an enterprise work management system with over 50,000 users across three platforms. I worked on redesigning the web app for clients to submit and track work requests, and designing new features on administrators web app and field personnel iPad app about work requests tracking and management.



Familybook is a communication product designed for the elderly. With the medium of the physical games that users are familiar with, it aims to improve the status quo of old people having trouble in the smart devices. It is trying to enhance the contact between two generations by providing more valuable common reminiscences.

Service Design


Xurface is a brand-new beauty salon designed to meet the growing demand of efficient, transparent and customized skincare service among new age of Chinese consumers. During my internship, I worked on user research, branding workshop with clients, competitive product survey and designing the service blueprint for the brand.

Web Design

The Reporter

The project takes a news happened in 2007 as an example and use a game to demonstrate how bias were shaped and changed. Players can explore news from different perspectives and unlock different tools to go deeper into the news.

Arduino, Installation

Conducting the Paintings

Conducting the Painting is designed to offer a new approach of appreciating paintings. A painting is made up of different elements, which combine together to shape a unique personality. By using synesthesia, we want the user to have a new integrated experience of conducting drawings.


Open Menu

Open Menuis a web-based application that enable users to scan table QR code to order food in New York City.

How do I design the works?
Usually starting with research on social issues or branding demands, I design the works with various media.
3D Printing